Marbling In Aetheria is a workshop that introduces participants to the vivacious art of water marbling, as uniquely applied in all printmaking seen in the brand's clothing and products. 

Amanda takes you into her approach to the art and facilitates the session whilst allowing ample time for exploration into how participants wish to approach their creation- there is no right or wrong way! 

Thus, once the basics are relayed, freedom to play with the inks in the marbling bath which offers quite visually stimulating, video share worthy footage

Not to mention the mesmerising way the inks morph and move provide quite a therapeutic nature to the whole experience.  

This workshop is truly special in how participants are provided with the materials prepped beforehand  via a mordanting process to enable the creation of their own wearable art on fabric  that is completely wash-fast after the ink dries, is rinsed, and then ironed to set permanently. 


Have something specific in mind you're curious about getting marbled? Have a unique party or hens marbling event idea? In Aetheria welcomes custom event queries here