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Jacquard Water Marbling kit

Jacquard Water Marbling kit

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Can't make it to an In Aetheria Workshop? Or want to spread the marvellous joys of the ancient art? This kit is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one to do a small amount of marbling at home.

Marbling is the ancient art of floating paint on the surface of thickened water (known as the marbling size) and then transferring this floating design onto paper and/ or fabric. Use this traditional technique to make your own patterned fabric, one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, fine art and more. Each design is as unique as a fingerprint! The Jacquard Marbling Kit is easy to use and gives professional quality results. A great group activity! 

Kit Includes:

-6 Marbling colours 14.79ml (yellow, red, violet, blue, white & black)

-14.79ml Synthetic Gall

-113.40g Alum (mordant)

-28.35g Carrageenan


You'll need to get for yourself;

-Shallow tray (approx 5cm deep)

-Fabric or paper to marble

-Combs, hair-picks or skewers




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