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Anchored and protected wide sleeve jumper

Anchored and protected wide sleeve jumper

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Anchored in middle ground, and always protected . To be the calm amidst the storm. Anchored and Protected oversized Jumper (or dress, or anything else you wish to label it) . Made from super cozy navy cotton fleece redirected from landfill. (It’s the kind of heavenly don’t want to take off fleece found in school uniform tracksuit pants.)

The Anchored and protected sigil embroidery is featured on the sleeves and front of this super soft and cozy sweatshirt. It is made from 100% bamboo fleece (500 GSM) This design has a relaxed and slightly cropped fit- the sleeves are large and wide. The edges are left raw (and reinforced) The embroidery thread is 100% cotton, burgundy colour.

The Anchored and Protected embroidery symbolism act as reminders that we are always protected, the sleeves being pillars of protection entities and the front symbol anchoring in middle ground. We are represented as the centre circle, with above and below forming the triad- mind body, spirit. There are four points surrounding the circle representing  four of the elements- fire, water, earth and air-the middle circle being the fifth element encompassing all-ether. Then our seven subtle energy bodies or seven chakras begin from the centre circle The centre circle, us, in pure harmony and balance. 

These symbols were channeled from Aetheria itself, they are original. 

The piece has an inside out raw edge seam detail, and is stitched twice over to ensure it stays together. Wash with care inside out to protect the white stitch detailing, preferably hand washed but can be machine washed on gentle cycle in a delicates bag.

This piece is designed to be worn oversized. For example, Size Small is worn in the accompanying image on a size 6 women, which fits loosely up to size 10 women. Can also be worn as a mini dress. 

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